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OMG! [adult swim]
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Welcome to OMG!adult swim, sure to be one of the most crack-tastic roleplays on the web.

The premise here is easy. A lot of us watch Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, right? We like our Adult Swim shows. So pretty much you can take any character that's actually appeared on any Adult Swim or The Detour show and play them here. It's that simple.

Most of the shows represented now are comedy oriented and preferred. The only show that we don't allow characters from is Robot Chicken, and mention of Johnny Quest is forbidden in light of opening a giant pan-dimensional RP rift due to the inconsistencies between Venture Bros. and Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law. This is for our character's protection, as we don't want their brains to explode and a potential gang war to break out over the true fate of Dr. Quest and Race Bannen. Also, you can't apply as a character that's never been on adult swim and hasn't had at least three lines of dialog. You're just asking to create a Mary Sue/Gary Stu in that circumstance and that's something we don't dig.

Our number one priority is that characters remain IC. We can't be expected to stop RPing for the season break just to keep things canon, but we can at least keep our characters in character and incorporate whatever we can into our story. In this RP, all the shows are somehow correlated into a single world (if your character isn't from a typical modernistic world, you can find an excuse for them to get here).

That being said, if you follow the RP you might want to join omg_as_fan. You can even drop a post there and ask what characters people would like to see and see if you can make someone's dream come true.
The way you play here is in your own character's livejournal. You create a journal for your character, you write in it as your character, and you comment in the journals of other characters as your characters.

To apply, you check the list of taken characters and go to the application post and follow the directions there. We don't mind if you don't write something elaborately long, so long as it's IC. You won't be approved to omg_adultswim, omgas_ooc, and omgas_zaaz until after your application is approved.

Be sure to read the rules!!!

Not all rping has to happen in the journals. We also have an IRC chat (seldom used though it be) and frequently use AIM for a weekly (if we can manage it) chat. These usually happen on Tuesdays or Sundays, generally trying to find days in which we can collect most people on. This can be negotiated in omgas_ooc.
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omg_adultswim is not affiliated with Cartoon Network, most obviously. It's just an RP, so don't get your panties in a twist. We do however have some awesome art and some damn funny scenarios, so if you're bored off your ass waiting for new episodes this might be the place for you.

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